The Diva Challenge # 1 Simplicity

The Diva Challenge #1 Simplicity

The Diva Challenge # 3 Eyes Wide Shut!

The string with our Eyes Wide Shut!!

The Diva Challenge # 2 Two Pencil String

Can you see my double lined string??


Zentangle Basics
MAR 8th 6:30PM - 8:30PM       
Huffhines Recreation Center
Zentangle Basics
MAR 18th 10:00PM - 12:00PM
The Artists Loft
Zentangle Advance
MAR 22nd 6:30PM - 8:30PM
Huffhines Recreation Center

March Zentangle Advance - White on Black Workshop

Zentangle Advance- White on Black  Workshop on March 4th at The Artists Loft...

Febraury Zentangle Basics Workshop Pictures

As I was getting my class set up, one of the ladies walked in claiming she just cannot draw.
Can you tell me which tile belongs to her??

February Zentangle Basics Workshop

Zentangle Basics Workshop on Feb 12th at The Artists Loft..

Pictures of 2nd Annual Zentangle-Inspired Art Exhibit

The Exhibit ends on Jan 27th.....So go take a peek for some fun abstract visuals...

January Zentangle Basics Workshop Pictures

Another great class ends with inspiration, Zen and love for tangles....

January Zentangle Basics Workshop

Zentangle Basics Workshop  this Sunday at The Artists Loft..


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