Pictures from 23rdAug Practice Workshop

There!! I finally managed to edit and upload the pictures from our first Practice Workshop held last Saturday at The Square was a fun class and I really enjoyed working through... maybe it was because we all now know each other and felt more comfortable hanging around....... Students brought in their Zentangles and ZIAs that they have been working on since our Beginner class....which led to a lot of sharing of ideas and there fore was a very interactive class....
Introducing my favorite tangle Mooka!! 

love that focus!!

and few jokes....


and sometimes it is not easy!!!


on the left ....Mother-in-law and Daughter-in-law duo plus sisters duo enjoying Zentangle..

and thats Rick's Paradox!!

Finishing up...
Break time....or should we say Cake time?
and there....the beauties !!

Smile pleeeease....its picture time!!
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