Pictures from Beginners Zentangle Workshop 9 SEP 2017

  "That's a beautiful handwriting you have."  My class began on a compliemtary note with 2 artists, a homemaker and a copywriter.  
Like every class, there was a nervous energy at the beginning.
With each stroke of the printemps, Florz, Nipa and Yincut, a calming zen tookover and I had a confident bunch of four fascinated with the discovery of zentangling. 
One stroke at a time..
Discovering Zen..
Appreciating their artworks...
Appreciating each others creations...
More power to you - Archana, Nandhini, Nitish and Kanchana!
They've walked away with 21 tiles and I have my fingers crossed that they will be exploring the zen way of creating art through dolce la niente!
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